The Computer Science &

Climate Change Institute Project (P301)

This site is contains links and information related to the project for developers and testers. The public site is located at For detailed information visit the wiki at

What is P301?

P301dx Screen Shot
P301dx Prototype

Project 301 is investigating techniques that will facilitate researchers' ability to find meaning in large and often disparate data samples. Currently, the project has developed a stand-alone prototype tool that allows researchers to manipulate climate and ice-core data. The tool is highly responsive and allows users to re-sample and display the data very quickly. The graphs that are created can then be exported as journal quality images as SVG, EPS, or PDF.

The project name, P301, is based on the departments that are involved with the project. An acronym for The Computer Science Department and The Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine might be CCCI. The acronym read as Roman numerals is 301; hence, the project is called P301.

P301 Goals

The main goal of the project is to make it easier for researchers to discover meaning in data. From a Computer Science aspect, this leads to a number of areas that are being investigated, such as:

  • Data Integration
  • Data Management
  • Transparent Data Manipulation
  • End User Programming Techniques
  • Web Based Architectures