P301dx (P301 Data Exploration-application)

The latest version of the P301dx is 16.01.05. If you are interested in downloading and contributing, you should go to the developers section in the contact us page.


Download the zip file containing the P301dx here: Download P301dx

After unzipping the file. Inside of the folder P301dx that is created, you will find the executable scripts to start the application. If you are using a Mac, run the script. If you are using Windows, use the p301dx.bat script.


The P301dx has been developed using Java. To run the application, a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) greater than or equal to version 1.8 must be installed. If you don't have a JVM, you can download one here: Java Virtual Machine


Developers should use Subversion to obtain the most recent version of the projects. Information about how to download the latest versions using Subversion can be found on the wiki under P301dx. Contact mroyer < AT > for additional information on how to become a developer for P301.